2022 Podium Finishes

Who won what?

Who was on the podium for the Sharks this year?

Back to Shepperton for the final time in 2022, and it was more medals for The Sharks, this time, on Saturday the charge was led by Dylan West, who won the Men’s Division 4 event from his father, Jim West. On Sunday Madhav Gadhvi took the prize. In the Men’s Division 3 race on Saturday David Spikings won, whilst in Sunday’s Race it was Jammie Cavagnani’s turn to win. On Sunday Jasmin Uhlhorn was in winning form in the Ladies K1 Division 3 race, Tasmeen Khatra had come second on Saturday, whilst Kurt White showed consistency by taking third place on both days in teh Men’s K1 Division 3.

Shark paddlers were also in form at our own Harefield Division 4 event in October: Kurt White, taking 2nd place in the Men’s K1 race, in third place was Jamie Cavagnani. In the Men’s Single Canoe Race first place was Meshach Lewis followed by Hudayfa Hadjali in second. In teh Ladies’ canoe singles it was Jasmin Uhlhorn who won with Tasmeen Khatra in second place.

Two wins in two days for Rick Moore in the Veterans Men’s K1 event at the Nene slalom. in The Men’s Division 3 K1 event, Hudayfa Hadjali took third on Saturday and second on Sunday with Meshach Lewis coming third on Sunday.

The September Cardington Slalom was another successful weekend for The Sharks. Meshach Lewis won the Men’s K1 Division 4 race on Saturday with Jaafa El Haddad coming third, on Sunday in teh same calls; Ubayda Hadjali was second and Kurt White 3rd. In The Ladies race in was Fleur Harman who was the winner. In the Division 3 events, Hudayfa Hadjali came second on Saturday and first on Sunday.

In August Rick Moore was racing the big waters of Grandtully and took 3rd place in the Men’s K1 Veterans race.

Back to Shepperton in July and the medals were for Hudayfa Hadjali/ second in the Men’s Division 4 K1 event and Jaafar El Haddad who came third in the same event. Also in the medals was Jasmin Uhlhorn who came third in the Ladies’ K1 event.

Rick Moore, took a second and a third at Ironbridge in the C2 event with Richard Comer.

A stunning performance from Jasmin Uhlhorn saw her win the Ladies Division 4 K1 event at Orton Mere by a 129 seconds! Fleur Harman took third place in the same event.

Rick Moore won the Veterans event at the June Cardington and pared up with Victoria Moore in Canadian doubles to take third place.

At Langham Farm Tasmeen Khatra won the Ladies’ Division 4 K1 event by six seconds, and Aditya Ravichander was second in the Men’s Division 4 K1 event. Danny Dalrymple took a second on Saturday and a third on Sunday in the Veterans event. Rick Moore who was there supporting our paddlers won the Officials Event.

Rick Moore won gold in the C2 event at Symonds Yat with Richard Comer.

Jasmin Uhlhorn won her first medal, coming second at the Nene Division 4 race in April. Victoria Moore and Rick Moore won the Open Canoes Doubles event. Mel Moore took second place in the Women’s Open K1 event, Whilst Rick Moore was the winner of the Men’s Open K! event. One event five medals, not bad.

Rick Moore was our first medal winner this year taking 3rd place at Shepperton in the Veterans K1 Slalom event.

Published 11th November 2022