Training Distances from Southall

Going North From the School Bridge

All distances are in kilometres and unless stated are from the School  Foot Bridge, don’t forget these can be used for walking, running (jogging), and cycling as well as canoeing.


Sprint Distances at Southall

Distance from point where apron ends and towpath narrows to School Bridge 200m

Distance from Lock to Wolf Bridge Bridge is 1k

Along the main line of the canal

Distances from Southall Mainlne


Along the Paddington Branch

Distances from Southall Paddington branch

Beyond  the A40

Distances from Southall Aquaduct

Distance form Southall to NW10 site is 17.75k and if you paddle back as well it is 35.5k

From Southall to Paddington Basin is about 25k, so there and back would be a mighty 50k