Project 21 Staff

Our Most Valuable Asset

People are our most valuable asset and our staff are the ones who make things happen, they make sessions fun, they ensure they are safe and fulfilling. And the more top quality staff we have the better.

We need to recruit and retain both paid and voluntary staff to ensure our projects continue and grow. If you are interested in working for The Sharks in either a voluntary of paid position, please contact us by telephone on 07951 770241 or by email: Recruiting staff is only the beginning, it is training and helping them to develop is our key priority.

Going in to 2021, we have a number of coaches and support staff already active on a regular basis:

  1. 1. Rick Moore – our slalom coach based at Harefield, teaches from beginners up to coaching our competitive athletes.
  2. 2. Tristram TurnerMarathon and Sprint Coach based at Southall. Teaches beginners and coaches our competitive paddlers.
  3. 3. Adam Stewart – Based at NW10, Southall and Osterley teaches beginners as well as coaching Marathon and Sprint.
  4. 4. Neal Underwood – often seen at all locations, specialises in Wild Water Racing.
  5. 5. Aaron Nolan – teaches from beginners upward, coaches Slalom.
  6. 6. Kene Obienu – Bankside support at NW10 and Osterley, although he is known to get on the water and help.
  7. 7. Danni Cochrane – Bankside Manager and support at Osterley Park, but can also paddle a bit
  8. 8. Grant Underwood – Teaches from beginners as well as being a racing Coach and athlete
  9. 9. Jen Clark – Leads the Bankside Team on Sundays at Osterley Park.
  10. 10. Priscilla Montanez-Valle – Bankside support at Osterley Park and backup teacher at some of our locations.
  11. 11. Amelia Combes has been helping us our during the Summer at Southall
  12. 12. Jason Dosanjh works mainly at Osterley but has also helped out at Southall.
  13. 13. Renee Myburgh – Bankside Manager at Osterley Park
  14. 14. Jay Chhaya works at Osterley as bank side support
  15. 15. Chirag Vassarmo also at Osterley working on the bank.
  16. 16. Maya Boyle – teaching assistant at NW10.