Project 21 Rivers and Waterways

How many different Rivers can we Paddle on?

To canoe or kayak on at least 21 different Rivers or Waterways during 2012, excluding any home waters.

Who has been paddling where and when?


  1. 1. Well we had swimmers in the Tay, does that count? January 2nd 2021 Dominic Gribben and Grant Underwood
  2. 2. Langham Farm Slalom on the River Frome.
  3. 3. The Thames, we wild many events here, first one was Shepperton Slalom, we also do the Royal Marathon.
  4. 4. Llandysul Slalom is on the River Tefi
  5. 5. Fairlop Waters, The London Youth Games with Adam & Eesa HammedMaya Boyle and Nicole Dosanjh
  6. 6. The Great Ouse in Bedfordshire at Cardington
  7. 7. The Nene at Northampton.