February 2020

The Month The Rain Came.

The weather in February was disruptive to our canoeing programme, but we need to have some perspective before we complain and think of the people whose lives have really been devastated by the storms.


Some of our members have paddled (quite recently) at places affected, Symonds Yat, Iron Bridge, Crickhowell to name but a few.

The month started off well with a new Wild Water race in Southampton.


The only other companion to go ahead was Thameside 1


The River Dart Slalom was cancelled and although we had to cancel a few sessions due to storms, we did not do too badly and suffered little damage. It is unfortunate that we took the decision to cancel but safety must always come first and strong winds to cause paddlers difficulties as well as being incredibly unpleasant to paddle in. I think you will agree 69mph winds would not have been fun.


Even though we cancelled some sessions we also added in some others during half-term and made a trip to Shepperton for paddlers to prepare for the up and coming Shepperton Slalom.



There are a number of Shark videos on YouTube/thesharkscc, check them out and see what you could be doing.

We also ran most of our sessions at NW10, Harefield and at Southall.


As well as rain we did have some seasonal weather:


So that was February, hope some of you found somewhere warm to go halfway through the month and enjoy yourselves when not with your first love of kayaking