Harefield Winter Slalom Sessions

Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings

We will be continuing our Harefield Slalom Session throughout the Winter, we meet at  Troy Lake, West Hyde, WD3 9YB, the home of Rickmansworth Sailing ClubAccess is from the A412, Denham Road, alternatively you can park at the Coy Carp and walk along the canal, over the bridge at the cut and turn left and we are on the left as you go over the wooden bridge. The cost is £6 per person.

We meet on Sunday at 10am (please note there will not be a session on Sunday November 3rd as all our paddlers will be eligible to race at Shepperton Slalom). These sessions are suitable fo all standards and beginners are welcome.


On Wednesday evening at 5:30pm, these sessions are under floodlights, please check coaches that these session are suitable for you. Please note if you are attending these sessions you need to let us know by mid-day on the day, either by phone/text on 07951 770241 or by email: canoeing@thesharks.org.uk. Please note there will not be a session on Wednesday 30th October in the evening, but we will host session at Shepperton in the morning at 10am.


we have developed our site at Harefield considerably in the past year and we still have much going on, come along, get involved and above all have lots of fun.