Project 21 Engagement

Who have we engaged with?

We have set ourselves a target to engage in partnerships with 21 different organisations, the aim of this objective is to become part of the wider community and to get more people involved in what we do.

We want to have 21 different partnerships by the end of 2021, so how are we doing? What is the relationship and what are the positive outcomes


  1. 1. British Canoeing –  We are affiliated to the Sport’s governing body, it enables to be involved in the competitive disciplines, provides us with insurance and they support us in running events and by providing the sit-on-tops we use at Osterley Park, loaning us portable paddling machines and helping us establish our award winning Satellite Clubs. We encourage all our member to also join British Canoeing.
  2. 2. National Trust – Working alongside the Trust, we are able to run our hugely popular and very successful family fun sessions at Osterley Park from April through to October. Help support this partnership by joining the National Trust.
  3. 3. Three Bridges Primary School – We run an after school canoeing club with School and teach core-time PE sessions during the Summer and Autumn Terms – Ofsted Report was outstanding, We have also used the school for storage of equipment and hope to explore and develop our partnership further.
  4. 4. Old Oak Common and Park Royal Development Corporation – One of our strategic partners in creating a canoe club based in NW10 (Harlesden/Park Royal). They have helped in a number of ways including funding, the partnership is developing as we are looking at how we can have a permanent built base in the area as part of the regeneration programme.
  5. 5. Catalyst Housing – Another regeneration partner, we are involved in converting disused garages and undercrofts into a community based canoe club with wider community facilities, at our Southall base.
  6. 6. Ealing Council – Our Partnership with Ealing Council has more than one string to it. They are partners in the conversion of the Undercrofts with Catalyst Housing, we also manage their London Youth Games Canoeing Team, which has won medals in recent years. Ealing Council has also given financial support in the past and has supported us in a number of projects in a practical way.

The Regeneration projects in Southall and NW10, are both in receipt of money from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund, so indirectly we have a partnership there as well. The Southall project is also in receipt of money from Sport England. London Sport, which is the regional office of Sport England has also been very helpful in supporting us both financially to and practically, to kick start some of our projects.

The year is yet to begin and we are a quarter of the way there, these partnerships are in place for 2021

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Halfway to our target

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Three Quarters of the target

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Target achieved 21medal winners in 2012, well done folks, are there more to come?

Some pictures from activities at previous public engagement events.