24 Challenges for ’24

Help us to Achieve by Achieving

We are setting 24 targets for The Sharks this year, 24 things we want to achieve, all of these are dependent on how we help you to achieve. In order for anything to happen, the first thing we need to do is get people paddling.

24 Events

We want the club to be represented at 24 different events in 2024, that is two a month, so far we have entered:

  1. Barrow-on-Soar Wild Water Race
  2. Southampton WWR
  3. Linlithgow Time Trials
  4. Daleks WWR
  5. March Barrow WWR
  6. Grandtully WWR
  7. Nottingham (European Cup) WWR. 7 races and it is only April!

24 Podium finishes.

We want at least 24 paddlers winning medals this year

24 ranked Slalom paddlers

We currently have 12 paddlers in Division two or Division three and veterans, so need another thirteen, which means we need to recruit more paddlers!

24 paddlers racing in flat water events

Either Marathon or Sprint, including our own mini-marathons and other events. So far we have:

  1. Aditya RavichanderMini Marathons
  2. Ivijah Campbell-BryanMini Marathons
  3. Jasmin UhlhornMini-Marathons
  4. Grant Underwood at Linlithgow Time Trials
  5. Liah BoyleMini Marathons

24 different locations.

So far we have had paddlers at:

  1. Harefield
  2. Harlesden
  3. Barrow
  4. Southampton
  5. Linlithgow
  6. Grandtully
  7. Nottingham White Water Course
  8. Southall

24 Partners

We currently have 19 active partnerships, we need to add another five to achieve our goal. These partnerships are essential for us to deliver sessions to a wider community and to get people paddling.

  1. Paddle UK (formerly British Canoeing)
  2. Young Brent Foundation
  3. National Trust
  4. Three Bridges Primary School
  5. Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation
  6. Queens Park Rangers Football Club Community Trust
  7. Ealing Council
  8. Greenford Quay
  9. Hillingdon Council
  10. Harlesden Primary School
  11. KSP London (GLi Urban Life)
  12. Jason Roberts Foundation
  13. Let’s Leap Sports Academy
  14. Let’s Go Southall
  15. Canal and River Trust
  16. The Learning Tree
  17. The Clancy Group
  18. Horsenden Primary School
  19. Sybil Elgar School

24 Members of Staff

Either paid or volunteers, doing roles that help the Club progress, check out our current staff members.

24 organised events

Either at our own locations or trips to other events as a club.

  1. Winter Mini-Marathons x 3
  2. Harlesden 2k
  3. Harlesden Re-launch March

24 posts mentioning The Sharks

This is 24 posts by other organisation (or people – so please do tag us when relevant) in which The Sharks are tagged. We use the /thesharkscc on all our social media:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (or X), YouTube.

24 New Paddler Profiles

That is 24 people who are paddling at competitions at any level. Check our paddler profiles here.

24 Working Parties

24 sessions where we work voluntarily to improve, repair, maintain or facilities.

Two a month, so fare we had:

A morning working on the cage at Harefield.

To raise £2,400 for Charity

We can do it, if you are taking part in a charity fundraising event let us know and we will help promote your endeavors. Between us we can raise this money.

Do you have ideas we should add? If so please email us: canoeing@thesharks.org.uk

Updated 14th April 2024.