European Cup and British Open

Wild Water Racing Results

The Sharks’ Grant Underwood was racing in the European Cup and British Open race at Nottingham’s National Water Sports Centre’s White Water Course at the weekend.

Saturday’s Sprint race was the first international Wild Water Race in the UK for over 20 years, it was also the British Open Championships and it was great to see The Sharks’ Grant Underwood come in 17th place in his first race at this level for several years. European Canoe Associations report is here. His time was 43.66 seconds. He is ranked 45th in Europe having earnt 74 points from just one event.

Picture Fiona Singleton

On Sunday Grant was racing in the Classic Regional race, which started at Nottingham Kayak Club and finished at the bottom of the HPP White Water Course. He completed the 4k Classic Course in a time of 16:35.20 and in 20th place on what can only be described as very windy conditions.

Images by Fiona Singleton.

Grant is now ranked 41st in the UK with 3,699 points from two events. He is ranked 45th in Europe.

The Sharks have a proud history in Wild Water Racing and if you would like to get involved in this exciting sport please get in touch by calling/texting 07951 770241 or emailing

Published 11th April 2024