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For the Sepsis Trust

Please watch and listen to Fleur Harman‘s personal message and help her to raise money by sponsoring her to do 6 Triathlons in 6 Counties this Summer, for UK Sepsis Trust. Click here to support Fleur.

Last September, my friend Gina lost her life to sepsis. She had flu-like symptoms and a chest infection but quickly became seriously unwell and was hospitalised.

She was otherwise young, fit and healthy, but sepsis can affect anybody, so it’s vitally important to be aware of the signs and symptoms.

Gina was a light in so many peoples’ lives. For me, Gina was someone I have always looked up to, ever since we became friends at primary school. She’s always motivated me to challenge myself and this is still true now.

In memory of G, I will be taking on 6 triathlons, across 6 counties, to raise awareness of the 6 main symptoms of sepsis.

Report 1 – Surrey

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Updated 20th May 2024