Amsterdam Marathon 2024

The Sharks were there

What an electrifying atmosphere at the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon this past weekend! The 24 km race was a true test of endurance and determination, with athletes pushing themselves to the limit against challenging conditions and fierce competition.

The race began with a blistering pace, as paddlers surged forward, fuelled by adrenaline and determination. The headwinds proved to be a formidable obstacle, testing the tenacity of even the world’s elite paddlers. Despite the relentless wind, athletes pressed on, their determination unwavering.

The race included two portages, one round a lock, but what a lock, much bigger than you would see in Britain.

The iconic second portage presented an even greater challenge this year, with marsh sections resembling canals due to continuous rain in preceding weeks. Yet, athletes navigated through with grit and resilience, undeterred by the adverse conditions.

Watch the 50th edition Amsterdam Waterland Marathon Long Course 24 km video here. A resounding congratulations to each and every athlete who took on the challenge and emerged victorious! The determination and resilience displayed by all participants are truly inspiring. Let’s give a roaring round of applause to Sharks’ very own Grant Underwood, who took on the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon with Shark-like ferocity! This marked Grant’s triumphant return to long-distance racing since Thames Side-2, 2015! Inspired by the Linlithgow Kayak Racing Winter Series Time Trial, Grant reignited his passion for paddling and is now fighting his way back into the sport he loves. Are you ready to join him on this journey? Are you ready to race? Stay tuned for Grant’s race report, coming soon!

His time for the 24k race was 2:30:53.7.

The Finish Line

Read the Waterland event report here. Thank you to the incredible volunteers who made this event possible! Without your dedication and support, the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon wouldn’t be the unforgettable experience it is. Special thanks to Viking Kayaking and Canoe Club for organising this event. Absolutely amazing! For those interested: we will be returning next year in full Shark force! So start training, and get ready for an event like no other! For more information, get in touch by phone/text on 07951 770241 or email:

Published 3rd May 2024