Southall Sessions are Back

Tuesdays from 5pm

Our Tuesday evening sessions are back, with beginners at 5pm and race boats at 6pm. Sessions are still only costing £6 per session. For more information call/text us on 07951 770241 or email:

We meet on the green at  Havelock Road alongside the green at UB2 4GG at present there are no facilities here other than boat storage in Three Bridges School. However, we are exploring what opportunities exist to create facilities at this location, there is however, usually plenty of parking space on the road.


This is a flat water site, with an excellent straight section of over 1,000 metres, ideal for Sprint training, it also and ideal site for Marathon training, as the canal stretches from Brentford to Birmingham, there are also local locks to practice portaging. We provide lessons for beginners at this site as well as training for competitive. and recreational paddling.

We have ideas and support to develop this site into a first class facility for paddlesport and much much more. However, to do this we need some help to do this, maybe you could help? Why not get in touch and find out more by emailing us: or give us a call/text on 07951 770241.

Why shouldn’t Southall have the best? Get in touch and make it happen.

Published Sunday 14th April 2024.