London – Brighton 2024

Cycling for Charity

Congratulations to Grant Underwood and to Paddle UK‘s Craig Duff on completing the London to Brighton charity bike ride at the weekend, raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

Who fancies doing the ride in 2025? It would be a great day out and plenty of fun, if we had a large Shark contingent, and people form other clubs as well, so spread the word.

The Sharks are proud to support our paddlers who help raise money for charity and will donate money as well as providing publicity. We are a community organisation that supports charities and we aim to get our members to raise £2,400 this year, we are well on the way to this target. If you are doing something good for charity, please let us know by emailing, and we will promote your efforts.

You can still support Craig and Grant by going to their fundraising pages.

Click here for Craig’s JustGiving page.

Click here for Grants JustGiving page.

Published 24th June 2024