Project 21 Hours

Hours a Week We Paddle

In order to boost participation we need to teach more people more often, we also need our sessions to be viable and sustainable as well as safe, which means during the Winter we run less sessions a week than during the Summer, so the challenge is that we paddle for at least 21 hours for at least 21 weeks a year in 2021.

How Are We Doing?


Week 1 Friday 1st  – Friday 8th  (inclusive, form here forward weeks will count as Saturday to Friday).

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Week 2 Saturday 9th – Friday 15th

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Week 3 Saturday 16th – Friday 22nd

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Week 4 Saturday 23rd – Friday 30th

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

No sessions at all in January due to Covid-19 restrictions, means we are going to have to work harder later in the year.


Week 5 Saturday 30th – Friday 5th

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Week 6 Saturday 6th – Friday 12th

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Week 7 Saturday 13th – Friday 19th

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Week 8 Saturday 20th – Friday 26th

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

No sessions in February either as Covid-19 restrictions are in place.


Week 9 Saturday 27th – Friday 5th

All sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Week 10 Saturday 6th – Friday 12th

2 hours, first paddling we are allowed, we did after school clubs with Three Bridges School on Tuesday and Thursday 23 paddlers on the water for the first time this year. Covid restrictions mean we can only do school sessions.

Week 11 Saturday 13th – Friday 19th

Another 2 hours, with Three Bridges School running an after school Club on Tuesday and Thursday. Covid restrictions mean we can only do school sessions.

Week 12 Saturday 20th – Friday 27th

Again just the two hours with Three Bridges after School Club, no Club sessions due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Week 13 Saturday 28th – Friday 2nd

At last some Club sessions, in addition to an hour after school club on Tuesday, we did an 2 hours at Southall on Tuesday,  2 hours at Harefield on Wednesday and another two at NW10. Total for the week 7 hours.

With restrictions starting to lift in March we managed a total of 13 hours, but it is good to be back.


Week 14 Saturday 3rd – Friday 9th

We are able to restart Osterley and host 4 hours on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, getting over 150 people active in 15 sessions and a total of 12 hours. Looks like a lot of people are glad we are back and are ready to get active.

We also ran all our normal sessions, Harefield on Sunday and Wednesday, Southall on Tuesday and NW10 on Thursday, all 2 hours each and we ran a two hour holiday camp for Let’s Leap.

22 hours in one week – the first of our targets of 21 weeks with 21 hours on the water.

Week 15 Saturday 10th – Friday 16th

Two hours with the charity Free to be Kids on Saturday, 4 hours at Osterley on Sunday, two hours Sunday and Wednesday at Harefield, plus 2 hours at each of Southall and NW10 and another two hours with Let’s Leap. Total 16 hours

Week 16 Saturday 17th – Friday 23rd

75 Scouts on the water at Osterley in 4 hours on Sunday, our normal weekly Club sessions at Harefield (4 hours) and NW10 (2 hours) and of course Southall where we have now added in 2 hours on a Thursday and the after school clubs were back (2 hours). Total 16 hours.

Week 17 Saturday 24th – Friday 30th 

4 Hours at Osterley on Sunday, with our normal Club sessions which have been extended to 3 hours each, except NW10, which is still 2 hours(14 hours), two hours after school clubs. We also saw the return of our core time sessions with Three Bridges Primary School Monday – Thursday, adding on another 8 hours.

Total 28 hours this week, second challenge met.

In April we paddled for a total of 82 hours.


Week 18 Saturday 1st – Friday 7th

With the beginning of May we start the Saturday sessions at Osterley (4 hours) to add to our Sunday sessions of four hours We also had the Bank Holiday session at Osterley (12 hours). We ran a session at Shepperton for two hours on the Sunday, to prepare for the event at the end of the month. On BH Monday we added in an extra Harefield session to make up for Sunday being moved to Shepperton. (both two hours). Other Club sessions were the same (8  hours). but no, schools other than Tuesday after school club (1 hour)

Another 28 hours in one week, number three achieved

Week 19 Saturday 8th – Friday 14th

Normal term time week resumed. Osterley, Club sessions, after school sessions and core time PE sessions.

Total 32 hours 4th week of over 21 hours

Week 20 Saturday 15th – Friday 21st

Normal term time week. 32 Hours reached again – 4th week of over 21 hours

Week 21 Saturday 22nd – Friday 28th

With the exception of Sunday at Harefield removed due to competition, another Normal week,

A total of 29 hours, 5 achieved

In May we paddled for a total of 121 hours


Week 22 Saturday 29th – Friday 4th 

This one is definitely complicated, half term holiday, so no schools, but we did do two hours Holiday Club with Let’s Leap. 12 hours at Osterley. 6 hours at Southall and two at NW10. Wednesday’s session at Harefield took place but Sunday’s was cancelled due to The Sharks @ Shepperton Slalom.

Excluding the slalom we did 25 hours on the water, so met the 6th weekly target.

But how much paddling time for a slalom?

A quarter of our 21 weeks achieved!

Week 23 Saturday 5th – Friday 5th

Back to schools after half-term and another standard week of 32 Hours

7th Weekly target achieved

Week 24 Saturday 12th – Friday 18th

As well as our standard sessions we attended the Royal Marathon on Sunday 13th and Sybil Elgar School start coming to Osterley for regular sessions Wednesdays push us up to 34 hours, plus the race of course.

Week 8 achieved