Marafun Results Dec ’23

Mini-Marathons are back at Harefield

December 2023, saw the return of mini-marathons to Harefield with the revamp of the Cedric Avery Winter Marafun serries.

A nice sunny day to kick of the new serries, saw 7 paddlers from The Sharks take part. Due to swan issues, we raced a slightly amended course going up from the Coy Carp towards Springwell Lock.

Leading the Filed was Liah Boyle (J16) who races 3.1 kilometres (2 miles) in a time of 33 minutes and 21.03 seconds.

Next Back was Ivijah Campbell-Bryan (J12), fresh back from racing at the Barrow the day before, also racing in a K1, his time was 38:33.25, he now leads the men’s field.

Then following up in Slalom boats were:

Arron Nolan (Senior) 40:58.37, although he was supervising other paddlers.

Aditya Ravichander (J14) 41.19.03.

Rick Moore was also supervising paddlers, so time was somewhat handicapped at 44:57.28.

Steve Heffer’s time was 52:06.31, with brother Lee following in a time of 52:16.40.

The next Marafun takes place at Harefield on Sunday January 21st 2024, for more information please contact Neal on: 07951 770241 or email:

Published 17th December 2023