Melksham WWR – February 23

Super Sharks!

A great day of racing and fun at the Melksham Wild Water Race, just four paddlers, but, what a four the were!

Congratulations to Jasmin Uhlhorn and Rick Moore who teamed up to win the C2 event, not just the mixed doubles, but the whole event! Their time was 4 minutes and 6 seconds.

They are currently joint top of the National Rankings!

Rick also managed 5th place in a pairing with Liah Boyle in a time of 4:58

Liah also raced with Neal Underwood to take 6th place in a time of 5:14.

Liah was also in form in the Ladies’ K1 event, where she came 3rd overall and 1st J16, her time was 4:16.

She is currently ranked 4th in the UK and top Junior 16!

Jasmin Uhlhorn was in 4th place in a time of 5:09, although she was racing in a slalom boat, She is ranked5th nationally (a spelling mistake in her name has listed her twice in above rankings).

In the Men’s K1 event Neal Underwood came in third with a time of 3:47, he was also the first V60 paddler.

He is currently ranked 5th over all and top V60 in the national rankings for Wild Water Racing.

Rick Moore was 4th in the Men’s K1 race, in a time of 3:59.

And finally, Neal Underwood race C1 for the first time and came 4th in a time of 5:41.

Thank you to Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club for organising the event and the photographs.

Published on February 7th 2023