About The Sharks

“To promote sport and to provide sporting opportunities to youngsters and the not quite so young. To enable everybody to reach their full potential and to have fun doing it.”

Havelock group

The Sharks was established in 2008, to promote sport and to provide sporting opportunities to youngsters and the not quite so young. We aim to work with schools and other existing organisations to teach a variety of sports, enabling people channels into sport for whatever reason they want to be involved it may be for:

  • Recreation, just the pure enjoyment of the sport
  • Competition, the thrill of pitting your wits against others
  • Fitness, maintaining a healthy life style, whatever your age
  • Coaching, maybe you want to help others enjoy sport by helping in supporting roles, sport involves far more than just the people who take part, there are administration, teaching, staging events, nutritionists etc, etc.

The Sharks are here to help people gain entry into sport whatever their age, whatever their level of interest, we also want to help people achieve their full potential in their chosen sport, through providing facilities training and opportunities.

Currently the Sharks are active in canoeing  which operates at Southall Activity Centre and Havelock Road, both in the London Borough of Ealing and at Coppermill Lock, Harefield; Hillingdon Leisure Centre both in the Borough of Hillingdon and at Osterely Park in the Borough of Hounslow. We have plans for more sites in 2016.

The Sharks organise a monthly canoe mini-marathon racing league in the evenings (April – September) and on weekends during October – March. We also run a number of Wild Water Races throughout the year and a ranking slalom each year.

We are always looking to build partnerships and would like to meet with other canoe clubs and other organisations, so we can help develop the sport.

We are always looking for new opportunities to develop sports we have expertise in recruiting new members and sports development so please contact us to see if and how we can help your sport, your club.

For more information call 07951 770241: email: neal@thesharks.org.uk.