Cage Work – In Progress

Replacing the Tarpaulin at Harefield

Thank you to the team who came to Harefield last Sunday to help us relace that tarpaulin on the top of the boat cage at Harefield.

A nice sunny morning, Rick, Aaron, Jasmine, David, Neal, Steve, and Lee Jay replaced the tarpaulin on top of the cage before going for a paddle on Troy Lake.

Working parties to help maintain our facilities and sites are essential for us to continue and to build a great club. There is quite a lot more work required at Harefield, so if you would like to offer some help, please do get in touch, either text/call on 07951 770241 or email:

We need to:

Tidy up the area around the cage, maybe do a bit of planting?

Complete and tidy up the cage extension.

Maintenance on the slalom site; cutting back, renew lines holding the gates, replace and maintain the gates. We also need some cutting back and tidying up.

Maintenance and repairs of equipment; boats, paddles etc. Maybe we should look at having a person who is responsible for the site and or equipment, this doesn’t mean you have to do all the work, but identify work that needs doing and help us to organise working parties to do it. There are three separate roles here, which could be combined in an combination of remail separate:

Maintenance and management of the site where the boats are stored; the area at the Sailing Club, Maintenance of the slalom site, and maintenance and management of the kit (boats, paddles, etc.).

If you thing you can help with any of these please get in touch; 07951 770241 or email:

Published 12th January 2024