Thanks For Your Help

Good Job Done at Harefield

A small but hard working team were at Harefield on Sunday making maintaining and improving the slalom course, working together but in a Covid-secure way. Thanks guys, good job done.


What we have done

  • A lot of clearing away of vegetation on the island and around the so that we can access the site more easily for further maintenance
  • Cleared branches away from the lines so that they are higher up from the water.
  • Re-tensioned some of the wires, so that the gates sit higher out of the water.
  • Replaced some of the missing poles
  • Put numbers on some of the gates, so making training courses is easier.


Pretty good work for 5 people on a cold wet day, so thanks to:

Aaron Nolan

Bob Grundy

Neal Underwood

Paul Steadman

Rick Moore

For their efforts and their time, we still have more to do and will be arranging another working day soon, so please look out for the date and come along and help, for more information email: or call: 07951 770241.

What we need to do

  • Tension more of the gate wires
  • Put up some more wires
  • Replace some more of the poles
  • Add some more gates
  • Generally tidy the place up, so it is easier to access and looks cared for.

Any other ideas as to how we can improve the site, please let us know by either email: or call us on 07951 770241.

To find out more about our sessions at Harefield click here, or to find out about Slalom click this link.