Slalom Calendar 2020

Where will you be going next?

The 2020 Slalom Calendar is available on the Canoe Slalom Website, we encourage paddlers to go to as many events as you can, competition is good fun, great learning environment and is the best way to measure how you are doing.

Those of you who are ranked will by now be receiving your year book, you need to apply for your bib, you can print out the form on the Canoe Slalom Website.

Those of you whom have previously been ranked but did not race in 2019, you can apply for re-ranking on the form on the Canoe Slalom Website.

For those of you who are yet to get promoted to Division 3, you need to race at Division 4 events and at this stage do not need to do anything else other than keep practicing and we will arrange for you to race as soon asĀ possible.

If you are interested in going to an event, please talk to Rick to get more information. Paddlers can borrow boats for events, even if Shark coaches are not attending. We will however, try to get coaches to as many events that Shark paddlers wish to attend.

We want to make 2020 our best year yet, more paddlers racing at more events and doing better than ever before.

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If you are new to the sport and want to know more about slalom, then please email us: or call on 07951 770241. We are always interested in new members, you do not need any experience of kit as we have plenty of both. We meet at Troy Lake on Sunday mornings during ether Winter and on Monday and Wednesday evenings during the Summer. We train on the slalom gates opposite the Coy Carp in Harefield.

Canoe Slalom is an exciting sport, where you are challenged by the water as well as the competition. Entry level competitions are on small streams, but as you get better you paddle on bigger and rougher water.