Shepperton Division 2

April 2nd and 3rd

The Shepperton Division 2 Slalom takes place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of April 2022. A convenient and local slalom for all our Division 2 paddlers, other paddlers could enter the Officials event, Division 3 paddlers can paddle up.

To enter the slalom visit Canoe Slalom Entries. This event is run by Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club, who have always been very supportive of The Sharks, so it would be good to show some support for their events.

Our Division 2 paddlers are:

Khaleel Ziauddin

James Read

Aaron Nolan

Jacob Simpson

Neal Underwood

Amelia Combes

If you are interested in slalom canoeing, get in touch, we teach beginners and will always welcome new members, whatever their age. Our Slalom team paddles at Harefield, for more information email: or call 07951 770241.

Published 24th March 2022