Reboot – Southall

New Sessions and New Times

As we further open up the Club following Covid-19, we now have some new sessions and new times at Southall, so that more people can become part of The Sharks.

We are now paddling on Saturday afternoons at 1pm for beginners and less experienced paddlers, and at 2:30, we will hosts a second session for people who use racing boats. Please make sure you come to the right session. As we develop there will be more sessions and opportunities and we will be operating from a slightly different location, it is just along the canal (about 200 metres) from the green where we have been meeting. If you come by car, please park near the green, UB2 4GG and walk to the site at Willowbrook Road. there is not much parking in Willowbrook Road and we do not want to be bad neighbours with local residents. Please walk to the red dropped pin.

We now also accept payment by PayPal, or you can search: or the telephone number 07951 770241



If you are interested or want to know more, please contact us; either phone on 07951 770241 or email us at:, We will be training and coaching people of all ages to use racing boats and when competitions restart after Covid we will be entering Marathon and Sprint races, some local, others further afield, but always fun. The sessions are being run by our specialist Marathon paddler Tristram Turner.


Please note, that if you are attending sessions, we still have to adhere to restrictions due to Coronavirus, it is still with us and infection rates are rising again, so please let us know if you are attending by either calling us on 07951 770241, or emailing Canoeing is an ideal exercise, it is outdoors and socially distanced, the fitter you are the healthier you are and healthy people have a better survival rate.


How to find us in Southall

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