Mini Marathon Canoe Race

At Havelock in Southall – September 7th

New monthly mini-marathons starting on Saturday 7th September at 11am, meet at the green between the canal and Havelock Road, UB2 4GG. For all standards and abilities, come along and have some fun and all for just £3 per person.

All races will be in age groups, Masters (over 35 and 5 year bands), Seniors and in two year groups from under 18 down, female and male in each distance. There will be medals, we will also accumulate results and have a series winner (rules to be decided and will start from the October race).

These races are open to all comers, all clubs and any individuals who want to take part. For more information email: or call 07951 770241


Entry Level Race

This race is suitable for new paddlers of any age. Results from our July event.

We have a 1.5k race, which starts at the school bridge, which will be a mass start, the race goes along the canal towards Hayes, with a turn at Norwood Road Bridge (.75k), The Lamb Pub, then return to the School Bridge. This race will start after all the other races, so that new paddlers will not have to deal with faster paddlers overtaking and the faster paddlers will not have less experienced padders in their way. Ensuring a good race for everyone.

Screenshot 2019-08-17 at 18.47.38

Intermediate Race

This will start above lock 93 of the Hanewll flight, patricians will need to paddle the 1k and two portages down down from the green. The race will initial race will start after the 7k race, so that nobody gets in each others way, subsequent races will start according to your time in the previous race (or estimated time if it is the first time you have entered this race).

The race goes up two portages, locks 92 and 91, then race to Southall Park, under The School Foot Bridge, Norwood Road Bridge (1.5k turn) then under North Hyde Lane Bridge and past the Old Oak Tree Inn and turn there, and race back to the School Bridge

Screenshot 2019-08-17 at 19.05.36 Screenshot 2019-08-17 at 19.15.11

Senior Race

This race is for more experienced paddlers, starts above lock 93, up two portages, past under the school foot bridge, past Norwood Road, North Hyde Road (4k turn) then under Western Road Bridge, past Bulls Bridge junction and Tesco’s under to the Hayes Bypass of Parkway to give it it’s official name. Turn here and race back to the School Foot Bridge.


These races are part of The Sharks development programme to get more people racing and specifically Marathon Racing. If you are new to the sport/discipline come along and have a chat with us on Tuesday evening from 5pm or email: of call 07951 770241.

We are at Havelock in Southall every Tuesday evening from 5pm, we teach beginners, organise progression sessions and have sessions for experienced paddlers. We can also offer opportunities for families to paddle in the open canoe, so something for everyone.