Fun at Llandysul 2023

Who missed out on this?

Despite a wide invitation, it was only a few paddlers who were able to attend this active weekend, but those who did had lost of fun, some great paddling and other activities.

The arrival of storm Betty was a bit of a downer on Friday evening, camping in the 60mph winds, but we survived.

Lots of paddling on the River, getting good gate practice, confidence building on the water. We also engaged in some serious jumping from the bridge, from rocks and open water swimming, in both the lake and the sea.

The evenings provided time to socialise, play some games and relax. Take a look at the pictures and videos. Big thanks to Richard Moore for the coaching, to Mel for the catering and to everyone for the fun.

Going forward we would like to arrange a Club trip every Summer, in the past we have been to the Dee at Llangollen, Falmouth, we have taken a trip to northern France, so there is plenty of options, are you interested in helping us plan a great trip for 2024? If so, please get in touch, email We have in the past used a variety of accommodation, it doesn’t have to be tents.

Videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Published 29th August 2023