Slalom Training Winter 2019 -2020

Paddling All Year round

As the Winter evenings draw in we need to change our training regime, so we will be adjusting our sessions at Harefield.

We meet at Rickmansworth Sailing Club, Troy Lake, West Hyde, WD3 9YB access is from the A412, Denham Road, alternatively you can park at the Coy Carp and walk along the canal, over the bridge at the cut and turn left and we are on the left as you go over the wooden bridge. The cost will be £6 per person.


We will then start Sunday sessions on 20th October at 10am, we will then run Wednesday sessions under floodlights from 5:30pm. However, on Sunday 3rd November (Shepperton, Divisions 2, 3 and 4) due to competitions, all paddlers who regularly turn up to slalom sessions are eligible to paddle at competitions on this date, so no missing out.

We will then continue this pattern through till March 2020.

Beginners or people new to slalom are welcome to attend Sunday sessions at 10am, the Wednesday sessions are suitable for more experienced paddlers (anybody ranked division 3 and above or who has been attending regularly and the coaches have said they can attend – this is for safety reasons).


We will also be adding some land training sessions on at Troy Lake during the Winter, details to follow, but they will be designed to help keep (get) fit, build up strength and develop technique.

Slalom is a great sport, friendly, exciting, challenging, you start off on easy water in Division 4 (entry level) and as your skills improve and you get better, you get promoted and paddle against tougher competition on rougher water.

If you want more information please contact us, call 07951 770241 or email:


But indoors …

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