Sharks Raising Issues

Rick Moore speaks to the BBC

Raw sewerage being pumped into our rivers by water companies is a major issue to us all, but canoeist, along with other water sports, are particularly affected by the problem. A problem that is unique to Southern Britain!

The regular pumping or raw sewage by Thames Water has seriously curtailed the activities we have been able to do, depriving many young people (ad those not so young) the opportunity to get involved in Canoeing and Kayaking.

Basic School history teaches us about the acts of Parliaments in the 1980s which introduced legislation to improve public health and sanitation. Yest here we are in 2024 and or waterways are no longer safe to swim or canoe in. How has this happened?

Please do whatever you can to help not just us, but everybody who lives or visits our Country, and please do let us know what you are doing. Clearly Rick’s interview had an effect.

Deliberately pollution our rivers should not be a political issue and we are sure that voters of all parties would agree with us. If it was possible in the 1800s to stop the practice of dumping swage in our Rivers, We can do it now!

Please let us know your views, contact us by email:

Thank you Rick.

Published 3rd May 2024