Shepperton Division 2/3 slalom

Calling all Division 2 and 3 paddlers


The Division 2 and division 3 slalom at Shepperton takes place on the weekend of October 21st and 22nd. It is the last chance for most of our paddlers to race in slalom this year. So be there. Entries are available online at: If you need help getting an entry please contact Neal on 07951 770241, or email:

Shepperton is one of the few local events at this level, and as a local club we need to support them, in the same way they support our events. So please come along and participate. If you are not in division 2 or 3, you can come along and watch, you can even help judge (you get a free competition if you do).


Eligible paddlers are:

Division 2:

Amelia Combes – Kayak and Canoe

James Read – Kayak

Joel Gunnery – Kayak

Neal Underwood – Kayak

Division 3

Alex Aldred – Kayak

Catherine Robinson – Kayak

Conor Sheehan – Kayak

Jacob Simpson – Kayak

James Read – Canoe

Johan Kukkohovi – Kayak

Khaleel Zainddin – Kayak

Sam Liddy – Kayak

Tallulah Lacey,

Plus any previously ranked slalom paddlers, you can get reinstated:

Aaron Nolan, Jovan Leamy, Lianna Nolan, How about it guys?

Lianna at Harefield