NW10 Race

Small Beginnings

The Open House Weekend events organised by OPDC (Old Oak Common and Park Royal Development Corporation), included two days of canoeing at NW10, Harlesden/Park Royal and was a great weekend, so thanks to everyone involved.

Bright Summer weather on the Saturday brought out people and we had over 30 people on the water, including parents as well as youngsters.


The weather on Sunday was less kind but we still attracted a good crowd throughout the day. We started the day with a race, following on from the success of our mini-marathons at Southall, we thought we would give the folk who have been attending our sessions at NW10 a chance to shine, so a little disappointed with the turn out, but it was not a nice morning. So well done to the two paddlers who did turn out.

Seven-year-old Aqeil, raced a distance of 1k in a time of 10:09, great effort in his first ever canoe race, well done.


Ten-year-old Nicole, who had journey over from Southall raced 2k in a time of 16:36, Nicole will be making her debut in National Racing in October when she enters a race at Elmbridge.


We will be holding regular races at the NW10 location on a Sunday in each month, this is part of our programme to create a racing hub here, to get people of all ages racing for fun, fo fitness and for those who want to a bit more seriously (but even serious athletes need fun). So hopefully, next month a few more of you will join us.

We will have races of different distances to suit all abilities, so please keep in touch and keep coming on Thursdays and join in the fun. All races start and finis at Acton Lane Bridge, next to the Grand Junction Arms and Beit el Zaytoun restaurant.

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