November 2020

Not a Lot Happened

For all but a couple of days England was in Lockdown 2.0, so not much action going on.


We had one weekend of paddling, sessions were held at Southall and NW10 on the Saturday and at Harefield on the Sunday.


During Lock down some of our coaches provided us with interesting things to do:

Aaron Nolan came up with a relevant exercises routine that can be done at home, how many of you did?

The sharks exercise - Read-Only

Rick Moore created a video of how to avoid frosty fingers, whilst paddling in the Winter, these really work and are a great idea, so go on, go get your freezer bags


Others were working from home, much to the consternation of those who always work from home, wondering why they can’t get any daytime peace!


But the research team came up with a name for our Masters or Veterans paddlers


Rumour has it the Greenland Sharks pay homage to Richard Davis in much the same way

Amazingly, according to Google, this picture of The Sharks at Uxbridge Pool has had over 60,000 views, since it was posted 3 years ago. Maybe they should get us back in the Pool with a following like that!



And just incase you are wondering apparently people North of the Boarder are still working