New Times at NW10

We will be starting at 5pm in September

As Schools re-start, we are making a slight change to our start times at NW10, Harlesden/Park Royal to enable people to get there on time. We are running all sessions at 5pm, both beginners and race people, we will have two instructors on site.

We are changing the way we work to reflect the needs of those who come paddling, will be maintaining the same structure of beginners and less experienced paddlers in different groups, but will be running them at the same time. Both beginners and experienced paddlers at 5pm. The different groups will be using different space on the canal to ensure we keep Covid Safe.

In October we will be moving sessions to Saturday morning.

We still need to know if you are paddling, so we can ensure we provide a safe environment for people to participate in whilst Covid-19 is still a threat. Full details of sessions are available on our NW10 Reboot Page. For more information email: or call 07951 770241.

We now also accept payment by PayPal, or you can search: or the telephone number 07951 770241


We will be reviewing our timetable for the Autumn and Winter months, and would welcome your views on when we paddle, at the weekends. Options are Saturday or Sunday, morning or afternoon?

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, we would like to thank you for your support it is great that many people are coming back and new paddlers are able to join us again. Obviously our plans have been disrupted, but we are still working towards establishing regular sessions covering all standards and abilities, with lessons, recreational sessions and training for those who want to race. For more information please contact us on 07951 770241 or email: