Stone Slalom October 2023

Weekend 28th & 29th October

The last slalom of the season is a Division 3 and 4 slalom at Stone in Staffordshire, we should be there, for a weekend of fun and paddling.

Stone is a lovely site, a natural river, the Trent in its early stages, with some small drops and gentle flow, it is an ideal event for beginners, which is Division 4 and for those who have been promoted to Division 3, our Division 2 paddlers, could either try something different, such as a Canoe Class event (C1 or C2), otherwise enter the officials race.

Stone Slalom earlier this year

To enter go to the Slalom Entries Website, if this is your first event, we can do teh entry for you, please email or text/call 07951 770241, we need your name and year of birth, if you are a member of British Canoeing please include your membership number (but we can enter you on club affiliation at Division 4).

Stone is in Staffordshire and is about 150 miles from Harefield an journey time of two-and-a-half hours, options are do a day trip and enter just one day, find somewhere to stay and do two days, maybe event camp?

For more information call us on 07951 770241, or email:

Check out our report from earlier this year.

Published 13th October 2023