Langham Farm – May ’24

Slalom and Wild Water Race

This year’s May Langham Farm event took the format of an old fashioned Slalom, with plenty of practice time on the Saturday, followed by team events. There was also a Wild Water Race in the evening.

The format drew a large number of paddlers to the event, which was good to see and maybe this is the way forward for lower division events, enabling paddlers to get plenty of much needed practice time on the water.


Ivijah Campbell-Bryan entered a scratch team, with paddlers from another club, his performance was very good, being fully engaged as a team player, not always easy in Slalom. They came 13th overall.

Ivijah, was unable to attend on Saturday, but the organisers gave him a timed and judged run, so a comparison could be made with Sunday’s event. He would have come 6th in Men’s K1 Division 4.

On Sunday Susan Templeton came 10th (and first Master) in the Ladies Division 3 event. Richard Davis was 10th (third Master) in Men’s Division 3 K1, and Danny Dalrymple was 4th in the Veterans K1 event.

Wild Water Race

The Sharks top paddler in the Wild Water Sprint race was Grant Underwood, who cam 4th in a time of 41.10 seconds, gaining 1,867 points. Neal Underwood came 7th with a time of 50.30, collecting 1,471 points. He was also to V60 paddler. Ivijah came 15th, and first U14 in a time of 1:04.00 earning 1,124 points. The top V85 (yes over 85-years-old for those of you who think you are too old for this) was Richard Davis, who came 17th over all, in a time of 1:06.60, he earns 1.040 points.

In the Ladies’ event Susan Templeton came 11th and first V65 in a time of 1:08.60 (1,452 points).

Grant and Neal, paired up for the Canoe doubles event and came 3rd in the Men’s event with a time of 58.70,

Big thank you to Frome Canoe Club for hosting the, as always, great event.

Published 2nd June 2024