Amsterdam Marathon

20th April 2024

Who is interested in racing in Amsterdam this year? A 23 kilometre (14 miles) race, with two portages for seniors and 14k (8,5 miles) with one portage for juniors.

The Sharks are going to Amsterdam, do you want to try a new challenge? The race is on Saturday 20th April and costs 10€ for entry and a 10€ deposit for your race number board. Obviously we need to travel there (via Harwich – Hook of Holland) and we need accommodation, there are a number of options, including an offer to sleep in the Clubhouse free (bring roll-mat and sleeping-bag).

If you are interested please contact Neal on 07951 770241 or email: Depending on how many, who wants to go, and what those people want to do for accommodation, we can work out details. The first thing we need to know is who is interested?

View video here.

Published 19th January 2024