Training Distances From Our NW10 Base

Distances From Acton Lane Bridge

Paddling, cycling, running (jogging), and walking distances from the Acton Lane Bridge adjacent to our Harlesden/Park Royal Base


Sprint Distances at NW10

Acton Lane Bridge to the first of the bridges going East towards Central London is 200m

Acton Lane Bridge to Pipe Bridge traveling West towards Alperton is 500m

Acton Lane Bridge to Abbey Road Bridge traveling West to wards Alperton is 1,000m

Travelling West towards Alperton From Acton Lane Bridge

Distances from NW10 West

To add on additional distances, please look at the distances from Southall page.

Distance to Southall is 17.75k, there and back 35.5k

To Bulls Bridge is about 15k, there and back 30k.

To Hayes Town Centre is 16k, and 32k there and back.

Traveling East towards Central London and Paddington Basin

Distances from NW10 East 1

Beyond the Westway  Motorway

Distances to Paddington Basin