Slalom Training

Mondays at Harefield

Slalom practice takes place every Monday at Harefield from 6pm, new paddlers are welcome. The sessions take place at the Coy Carp, Coppermill Lane, Harefield, UB9 6HZ


The Sharks want to expand and improve our already successful slalom team and want more people to become involved. As with all disciplines and sessions, The Sharks provide all the kit you require. Slalom is an exciting discipline and at Harefield we have permanent gates on moving water where you an learn the basics and progress.

For more information, email: or call Neal in 07951 770241. we can offer lifts to and from Harefield from either Sac or Hillingdon Leisure Centre. Please ask for details.

We need to transport boats to Harefield for each session, so please let us know if you are attending sessions so we get the right kit there for you. Sessions cost just £6 per person. You may be interested to know that Harefield was the place the Olympic medallist Richard Hounslow learnt to paddle, so who knows, you could follow the same pathway. As well as Richard, many other international paddlers have trained at Harefield.

As well as using Harefield, The Sharks have arranged for paddlers to access Saturday morning sessions at at Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club with Gordon Walling. We may be able to arrange transport to and from Shepperton. For more information email: