Shepperton July 2019 Results

Division 2 is getting closer

Another great performance from Khaleel Ziauddin on both Saturday and Sunday means he is getting so close to securing promotion.


Khaleel took 2nd place in Saturdays event earning 232 points, he was also the first Junior 18, on Sunday he was squeezed into 5th place (still first J18), but still collected a useful 200 points, which means he is now only 212 points away from promotion.

But Khaleel is not the only Shark padder riding high; Aaron Nolan making his first appearance for several years in Sundays event squeezed in ahead of Khaleel to take fourth spot and snatch 213 points. A brilliant start to his come back and above the average needed for a quick return to Division 2. Aaron was also first Under 23 paddler.


Alex Aldred was also paddling both days in men’s Division 3 K1, he came 4th on Saturday, earning 196 points and was also second J16. On Sunday he slipped to 8th (4th J16) collecting an additional 163 points.


Alex also paddled in Division 3 Canoe Single on both days, on Saturday he was 3rd (first J16) which earned 150 points, on Sunday he was second (first J16) earning 125 points.


Neal Underwood was back in action in Division 3 C1 on Saturday, but only managed one run, which gave him 5th place, first Master and earn him 50 points.


Associated Shark paddlers from Itchen Valley were also racing, Sue Templeton came 9th on Saturday (3rd Master) collecting 50 points, but a much improved performance on Sunday go her a second place finish and 200 points, again first Master.


The ever-young Richar Davis, a mere 80-year-old, was racing in the Men’s division 3 K1 event and took 7th place on Saturday (2nd Master) earning 143 points. On Sunday he came 12th (second Master) and collected a further 113 points.


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