Osterley Racing Sessions

New Osterley Sessions

Learn to paddle, improve your technique and get into racing with The Sharks new Sunday morning sessions. Starting from Sunday June 9th at 11am.


These sessions will cost just £6.00 for an hours tuition and coaching and will give the paddler the chance to progress into taking the sport up competitively if you wish. We race at a number of events, locally and nationally. We also organise a number of fun races.

The sessions will be led by our Sprint Coach Beata Fabinska, former Polish National Champion, she really does know her stuff and she has helped Grant Underwood achieve international status, so let her show you what you can achieve? Many of you will already have met Beata at our regular Osterley sessions.


Come along an have some fun and who knows what you can achieve? You can paddle at whatever level you like, but we will always make it fun?

This year The Sharks Jack O’reilly became the youngsters paddler to race at the London Youth Games, do you think you are up to that challenge? The Sharks have a great reputation at the London Youth Games, having had two golds amongst our medal haul over the past few years.


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