New Shark Caps Available

How Many Shark Caps Do You Want?



The latest bit of Kit to arrive for Shark paddlers. The hats are available at just £10 per hat, stocks are limited but if there is the demand we can get more, they look good are good quality, adjustable and make you stand out from the crowd. Proud to be a Shark!



The baseball caps will be available at most Shark sessions, if you would like us to hold one for you please email:


Please do not forget when you buy on line from a vast array of shops and organisations you can help raise money for The Sharks just by going via Easy Fundraising. You need to register. so that the money comes to us and then start using. You can even download a reminder app, so that when you go to an eligible website, it automatically asks you if you want to Easy Fund Raise.


It really is very simple and will not cost you anything, but will help the Club, keep prices down and enable us to invest in the future.

Now how many hats do you want?

Shark Caps

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