Ironbridge Slalom- Division 2 and 3

June 1st and 2nd

The Sharks will be at Ironbridge slalom next weekend, there is still some time to get entries in. Ironbridge is a historic site, the slalom takes place in the Severn Valley, where the World’s first iron bridge was constructed. If you want to make a weekend (or slightly longer during the school holiday) there is also the Coalbrookdale living Museum.


The slalom site is on the River Severn, TF8 7HJ, below the bridge on a series of rapids in a fantastic valley, it makes for a really good slalom course, suitable for anybody in Division 2 or 3, either kayak or canoe. It is about 150 miles from Harefield and is less than a three hour drive. There are camping facilities and other places to stay.

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Rick will be there, the C2, C1 and K1s will be available. To enter visit canoe slalom entries. This event is suitable for any paddlers in Division 2 or Division 3. For more information contact: 07951 770241, email:, or talk to coaches at our sessions on either Monday or Wednesday at Harefield at 10am this week.

So far we have Mel Moore in Division 3 Ladies’ and Mel More and Richard Moore in mixed C2.

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