Dulverton Slalom – 3rd and 4th March

This event has been cancelled – due to water conditions

And idea way to get the 2018 Slalom season off to a great start; and enjoy a weekend away. Come and join us on a trip to the stunning area around the River Barle on the edge of Exmore for a  3 and 4 slalom at Dulverton.


This event is ideal for all club members, who have an interest in slalom or want to get involved in slalom: It will be an excellent first event for those new to the sport, obviously our div three paddlers will get the chance to race early on in the season and for those in division 2, some good practice and training for future events. So no excuse time to paddle. For more information talk to Rick or Neal at Harefield on Sundays, or call Neal on 07951 770241; email canoeing@thesharks.org.uk.

There are some details and pictures from past events available here. The location can be found here.


Dulverton is about a 3.5 hour drive and about 190 miles from Harefield. There is a variety of accommodation available from camping (if you really want to in March) to bunk houses (good club get together) and cottages. We will arrange car sharing when we know who is interested in going, but with four in a car fuel should be £20 per head. Cost of entries will be £5 for Division 4 and £6.50 for division 3 paddlers. Accommodation depends on what we go for, lt us know your preferences?


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