Competition Time

Let’s Get Active #thesharkschallenge

After two weeks of lockdown, we need to look at how we can be active. Exercise options are restricted, but we hope that you are getting out for your permitted daily exercise.

But …

What are you doing the day …

Outdoor exercises are limited right now: you can go out for a walk, go running or cycling. Very few of you will be able to actually get in a canoe.

In order to encourage people to be more active The Sharks are arranging a competition for every week we are in lockdown. We want to know what you are doing at home to get fit?

We want a pictures, video and short explanation (any way you want to communicate) of what you have been doing in the house, garden or outside (within permitted restrictions) to keep fit.

We will publish videos pictures and words etc to try and encourage, enthuse and motivate others. So get creative use the tag #thesharkschallenge to spread the word and show your efforts, or email to

#thesharkschallenge or email to

Please ensure that any activity you do is safe.

Lets us have all your pictures, videos etc, even the simple things can inspire and will make you feel better.

Gail King (nee Allen) as an idea (please be careful). For those of you who don’t know Gail, she was a medal winner in the 1985 slalom, World Championship, representing GB. She has a link to Harefield as it was one of the places she used to train when passing through London.

Some warm up exercises from our slalom coach Rick, relevant for canoeists at all levels and non-canoeists!

Try different ways of walking, adding a back pack with some weight. Just walking home with the shopping is adding to the task.

Walking Backwards stretches different muscle sets


Balancing is an excellent exercise for improving canoeing. Core strength is a key thing to have, please note these pictures were taken before social distancing was required.


Use Swiss Air Balls just makes everything a little harder and a lot more fun. This video was recorded before teh requirement for social distancing.

We will be declaring a weekly winner.

Skipping is good