British Canoeing Membership is Changing

And we want you to be involved

British Canoeing are restructuring their membership packages, to be more flexible and to be more appropriate for different levels of participation. Take a look at their website:

How does this affect you?

It gives members of The Sharks, and other clubs a greater opportunity to be involved in the sport and to get more from being active with in the Club and within the sport.

However, to make the most of this:

We need help?

As an affiliated club, we pay a membership fee for all our paddlers who are not full members of British Canoeing, they are affiliated members. In the past it has been about providing numbers. As a Club we do our best to communicate with our members and participants. But as the Club is growing at a phenomenal rate, we need to be better at what we do and provide a better service to all those who are associated with us.

We are looking for a membership secretary, to take on the task of keeping track or our members; ensuring we have up to date records and when the new system comes in from British Canoeing; that those details are kept up to date with British Canoeing.

This is not an onerous task, but it is important if we are to succeed and provide the best paddling experience possible.

If you are interested; think you can help with this or any other role in the Club, want more information. Please contact 07951 770241 or email:

Currently; all members who race above entry level need to be members of BC (On the water), Junior members can race at entry level events as Club members. Please ensure you do have the correct membership. In reality this means anybody racing in division 3 slalom and above, must be a BC member; you will also need to apply for your bib. In other disciplines different rules apply; but you still need BC membership above entry level. Completing adults need BC membership at all levels.

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