An Inspirational Base

A Canoe Club in Southall

We have a fantastic opportunity to create a unique base for The Sharks in Southall, with what is a truly inspirational idea; however, to make this happen we need your help.


We are working with Catalyst Housing and Ealing Council to turn disused garages next to the canal in Havelock, into a Canoe Activity Centre, for the whole community. As well as being a base for The Sharks to operate out of, we will be working with local schools and community groups to provide affordable opportunities for every one.



Once we have complete the project, we will offer a free session to anybody who has supported the project, to come along and get involved. We will also look at creating a board of commemoration celebrating all those who helped.

There is a lot more to this project than just building it, we want to establish a massive Community based Club in Southall, which is open to all, is fun and exciting, we want to have people paddling for recreation, fitness and fun as well as getting people racing and competing, not just locally but across the Country and who knows where else? This will be something for Southall to be proud of, something for all people to get involved with, if you think or want to help in any other capacity please contact us: or call on 07951 770241

Take a look around our website, se what we do, what opportunities are there are.

So far the story goes …

Ealing Council is regenerating the Havelock Estate in partnership with Catalyst Housing, building new homes and communities and communities is key to building good quality homes. Communities need to have facilities, clubs and community hubs and no no-go-areas, where anti social activity can take place.

In order to achieve this we are working with Catalyst and Ealing, to bring back into use some disused garages, which in the past have attracted anti-social behaviour. What we plan to do is to enclose them, use the garages as stores for canoes, kayaks and other kit, while turning the enclosed area into club space, for land training (open to all, not just paddlers), social area for meeting and chatting, etc.

What we will bring to the area …

We will operate lessons and sessions from there, we already run an after-school-club for Three Bridges Primary School, we will offer this facility and opportunity to all schools in the area.

We will extend our weekly sessions at Havelock to several days a week during the Summer months, enabling people to paddle as often as they want.

We will teach beginners of all ages, we will host adult only sessions and women only sessions, we will do age group sessions so people can paddle with their mates.

We will offer land based training as well and this will be open to the whole community, not just those who paddle.

We will host regular races and events, brining the community together and enabling local people to show their talents.

We will create some thing different, something unique, something people will want to copy and it will be in Southall where it started.

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kingsland basin slalom may 16 2015 092 Caitlin and Ellan



Khaleel at Kingsland