A Flaming Good June at Osterley Park

So much to do, so much fun

As well as coming canoeing at Osterley Park, Jersey Road, Osterley, TW7 4RD, every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4pm (last boat on the water at 3pm, you can do so much more, you can make a whole day of fun there. We will be there every Saturday and Sunday as well as Bank Holidays, throughout the Summer and in to Autumn.


Sessions start at noon on each day and you can book here. It cost just £7 per person and you get 40 minutes on the water, we provide all the kit and instruction. Please arrive 15 minutes before you session, so we can get you on the water on time.

We provide all the kit you require, Buoyancy Aid, Paddles and Kayak, we have an instructor on the water at all times, and we provide instruction before you get on. The boats are very stable, you are unlikely to fall in (however, it is a water sport and you will get wet). They are also directionally stable so you will get to paddle round the lake.

Viewing these fantastic grounds from a kayak is something very different, the amazing wildlife and views, the serenity of the place. We have double and single kayaks available. For more information please email Osterley@thesharks.org.uk or call: 07951 770241.


You can also make exclusive bookings on our Saturday sessions for your organisation for parties, for more information email us at: Osterley@thesharks.org.uk, or call 07951 770241

You can just turn up and pay, but on hot days, we do get very busy and we would hate for you to be disappointed. You can book on line at Eola, this is a new booking service we are using which means we can keep our costs down, because unlike some organisations we do not pass the booking fee on to the customer. Eola are a new local company (and we like to support local businesses) who are still building their platform at the moment if you need to book both doubles and singles you need to make two bookings, but it does only take a few seconds. If you are booking a double it will automatically assume you have a second person, so just select 1 person for this booking, it will cost you £14 per boat (£7 per person).

There is also a lot more on this June at the Park, you can hire bikes to cycle round the grounds.


The Big Camp on 8th and 9th June.




Entertainment not to be missed, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


And much more.


For more information please email Osterley@thesharks.org.uk or call: 07951 770241. Our Osterley Family Fun sessions are run in partnership with the National Trust and British Canoeing. We urge all our participants to support the National Trust by becoming a member and enjoying their fantastic properties and of course you get free car parking if you are a member.