Our Barn and The Sharks

Our Barn paddling with The Sharks

Another great day of fun with Our Barn who joined us for a paddling session at Osterley Park.

Our Barn is just one of the amazing groups we work with and we would like to thank them for sharing the photographs that follow. When we work with other community groups, we never take photographs as we need to respect other groups policies, however, we are always happy to share the picture the groups provide.


The Sharks are proud to be a community group that works with other groups and partners to provide opportunities for people to go canoeing Osterley Park is an ideal location for groups to spend the day, there is so much to do, as well as paddling with The Sharks, there is cycle hire, there and the Park to wander round and have a picnic, or of course there is the Stables Café. As well as the Park, there is also the House and Gardens, all of which are owned and operated by the National Trust.


If you are interested in group sessions with The Sharks, please contact us on 07951 770241 or email us: canoeing@thesharks.org.uk.

Please take a look at the gallery from Our Barn from their website.







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