Winchester Slalom

Entry Level Fun Sunday 19th May

Your chance to have some fun and enter your first Canoe Slalom, this entry level race at Winchester is a great place to start and The Sharks have had some success here in the past.

It is on flat water, just 12 gates, but it is a ranking Division 4 (entry level) slalom and there is also a Wavehopper Race in the lunch break, so plenty to do, lots of fun and the beginning of your competitive career.

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Winchester is just over an hours drive from Harefield, the cost is just £5.25 per person to enter. If you are interested please contact us on 07951 770241,  email, or talk to one of the coaches at our regular sessions.

Some results from the past at Winchester, on a slightly different course in the City, but from Winchester. See if you can spot any names you recognise?

Winchester novice slalom 1974 page 1 a-1Winchester novice slalom 1974 page 2 a.jpeg

Note there were 91 paddlers at the event, which is at the same level of todays, Division 4, when was the last time an entry level race had that many paddlers?

And look who won the ladies



Winchester novice slalom 1974 page 2 b.jpeg.jpeg

Bit of clarification, in those days course had more gates and penalties were higher: still 50 for missing a gate, but 10 points for an inside touch of a pole, hit both poles you got 20 and it was 20 points for an outside touch, so the range of points on each gate could be; clear, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50. In those days getting a clear run was something special.

Come and join us and let the fun begin.