Want to Win Gold?

Then Make your Bed in the Morning!

If you want to achieve, you need to have the right frame of mind and you need to start everyday off with the right positive attitude.

There is a lot in what this video says, doing the small things, small achievements help you to take on bigger tasks, if you can’t be bothered to do somethings, then you will never really be bothered to do otherthings properly.

Once up and the first task of making your bed is complete than start on the second task: a plank. It is amazing how much more positive you will feel and how much more you can achieve when you feel positive. The more you do the more you will benefit.

Help improve your motivation at this difficult time by joining our Paddle Pal WhatsApp Group. As the video says, us the strength four community to help each other, the Pandemic is a bad time for us all, but champions will pull through and that is what makes teh difference between being a winner and an also ran.

While your are feeling motivated take a look at Rick’s Principles of Training page.

Be Active