Sharks Ranked Third in Wavehopper Series

Third Best Wavehopper Club in the UK

Wavehoopers at Havelock

Latest rankings provided by the Wild Water Racing Executive, indicate that The Sharks, despite only doing two Wavehopper Races are ranked third best in Great Britain.

The Sharks have not competed in Wavehopper Races since early in the 2015/16 season due to concerns about interpretations of rules and the awarding of prizes (or the lack of).

The series is designed to get more people involved in the sport and yet they stopped giving out prizes, which in our opinion is not good for encouraging youngsters.

So if after participating in only two events we have come third, maybe we will return full-time to Wavehopper Racing and show them we are number one! If needs be The Sharks will supply prizes for our champions in future.

The paddlers who raced were:

Under 8 Girls

  • Matilda Kruk
  • Maja Krukowska

Under 8 Boys

  • Leon D’Mello

Under 10 Girls

  • Joyce Bazley

Under 10 Boys

  • Johan Kukkohovi
  • Marcel Krukowski

Under 12 Girls

  • Kiara Sheehan,
  • Amelia Miller

Under 12 Boys

  • Wilfred Bazley
  • Bobby Beedon
  • Aliseena Beknaday

Under 14 Girls

  • Shannon Beedon
  • Hannah Johnson

Under 14 Boys

  • Joel Gunnery
  • Khaleel Zainddin
  • Conor Sheehan
  • Thomas Skinner
  • Ethan Miller

Senior Women

  • Helena Bazley

Master Women

  • Evelyn Mista

Masters Men

  • Rod Grundy

Well done everybody who raced, if you are interested in doing some Wavehopper Races and making The Sharks Britain’s number one club, contact Neal on 07951 770241, or email: canoeing@thesharks,org,uk