Opening Up at Harefield

Harefield Sessions  on Mondays and Wednesdays

In keeping with our plan to re-open post Covid-19 lockdown, we have resumed slalom and teaching sessions at Harefield on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Sessions run every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm, for beginners and non-ranked paddlers and 5:30pm for ranked paddlers. You will need to let us know if you are attending by noon on the day of the session.

We are opening our sessions within the strict Government guidelines and the advice of British Canoeing, that no more then six people attend to ensure we do not breach the safety rules you can only paddle if you have booked-in via email to: or by text to 07951 770241.

In order to participate you need to ensure the following rules are observed please:

  • Booking in by noon on the day of the session by either text (07951 770241) or email: you will receive either a text or an email to confirm you have a place.
  • Payment will be by bank transfer, we are trying to sort out card payments, bank details will be sent to you, the cost will be £6, sorry but for safety reasons we cannot deal in cash at the moment.
  • Social distancing rules (being two metres apart need to be observed).
  • The cage locks will be removed and replaced by either the coach or a person designated by the coach.
  • Only one person in the cage at a time.
  • Paddles need to be wiped down after use, we recommend you wipe them down prior to use.
  • We strongly recommend you have hand sanitiser in your car and use it after the session (this is generally good practice anyway)
  • Participant will be responsible for carry their own kit to and from the water and replacing it in the cage afterwards.
  • All other facilities will remain shut, you will not be able to access the Sailing Club facilities.
  • If you have any changes in your health which may be Covid-19 related (this includes any of the symptoms or coming into contact with anyone who is showing any of the symptoms, you must notify the Club as soon as possible by email to: This is to ensure contact tracing and to protect everybody’s health.
  • And as always please follow the instructions of the coach to ensure your safety.

We know this is a frustrating and difficult time but introducing these restrictions is essential to ensure your safety, the safety of our staff and other members. Thank you for your patience and support.


Whilst facilities at other places have been closed due to the lockdown, Harefield is an open space and accessible to all and over the past few days has become the training site for some of Britain’s elite athletes and Olympic paddlers. Harefield has a reputation for being used any a number of BG athletes in the past, including many medal winners, some of whom learnt to canoe there. So be proud of our facilities of our site it has the making of champions, we have the kit, the coaches, you just need to add the aspiration and dedication.