April 2019

What a month!


April has been a very busy month for The Sharks.

We returned to Osterley and have enjoyed some mixed weather, but nobody can complain about the Easter Holiday Weather, which saw nearly 200 people attend those sessions.


We went to a River Race at the Nene.


And we had a lot of holiday activities during the school break.

We moved into out new home at Harefield, or to be more precise Rickmansworth Sailing Club.


There is a lot more to do here, we are still developing the site and the partnership but it is beginning to transform what we can do with slalom and canoeing in general, some down and have a visit. Get involved. This is a fantastic opportunity for The Sharks and for people who want to paddle. At the moment we have our Slalom and Wild Water sections based here.

Discussions have also been going on elsewhere and we are very close to announcing news for our Havelock operation and preparation for NW10 is well underway.

And some of our members have been out doing good deeds.


Some pictures of our month.


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